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Find the latest list of full off page activities such as local listing, blog submission, guest blog submission site, social bookmarking, Classified submission , Directory Submission sites list and much more.


If you are targeting your business locally, You have to increase your website search preferences. 90% people search in Google SERP So that you have to target google's 1st page. Most of the search engines calculate the SERP on Quality backlinks and content. If you have quality content then you just need to build quality backlinks for your website.

Top Business Directory Site List 2017

How Business Directories Can Help You

Business directory site listing is one of the best ways to generate backlinks, In this post we have shared 30+ business directory site, Most of the business directory site provide instant approved backlink to your website, Also Search engine bot can easily crawl your business directory submission. Below all business directories 25+ Domain authority and niche page authority. If you will claim your business in below list you will get positive moves in search engine within 2 months.

Submit business to Directory Site

You need to open each link in new tab and click on add link / Submit / Submit your website button then fill up the business details and submit. Within short time verification email or you will get instant approval backlink for the same.

I have already posted other activity list like Business blog posting sites list, Article Directory list, Business Classifieds sites list, Photo sharing sites list and more....

NoBusiness URL

You can also share your idea, suggestion and issue via below comment box. Feel free to share with my Business Marketing Blog.

In this post, We have shared some of the working proxy IPs lists without any price. All IP address are working fine you can use it for the educational purpose. That's why we have shared these proxy sites totally free !!

There are many blog and websites provide example proxy server IP after some time IPs are not working or they offering premium IPs But Here we have shared 50 Top proxy Ip. Which are working fine... Permanently.

Free Proxy IP List

Proxy Server IP List

You can use these Ip for your software, Website or building or collecting data scraping. We have shared these proxy sites for only white hat techniques. Please do not use it for any black hat techniques.

Top Free Proxy IP List 

NoProxy IP AddressPortCountryTypeAnon
1101.255.82.668080 flag  ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
2223.16.237.1858080 flag  Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
3117.169.4.4281 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
4164.64.199.380 flag  USAHTTPSHigh +KA
5115.182.15.278080 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
6122.7.156.1938888 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
7121.40.144.371080 flag  Chinasocks4/5High +KA
8189.219.158.24519006 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
9189.218.207.17629290 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
1046.97.103.503128 flag  RomaniaHTTPSHigh +KA
11222.54.130.1562226 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
12220.225.245.1098000 flag  IndiaHTTPHigh +KA
13120.198.248.9680 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
14203.210.8.4180 flag  Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
15182.254.208.1168080 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
1674.208.146.11280 flag  USAHTTPSHigh +KA
17140.255.82.1348888 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
18111.11.122.780 flag  ChinaHTTPLow
1947.89.24.439999 flag  CanadaHTTPSHigh +KA
20189.219.241.3919708 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
2181.21.77.2048083 flag  UKHTTPSHigh +KA
22112.252.97.2058888 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
23124.88.67.9843 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
24223.19.177.23880 flag  Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
2581.21.75.1428083 flag  UKHTTPHigh +KA
26151.80.64.1018080 flag  ItalyHTTPHigh +KA
27189.219.93.21957344 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
28219.73.51.2481234 flag  Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
29119.6.136.12280 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
30177.200.82.2368080 flag  BrazilHTTPSHigh +KA
3150.30.152.1308086 flag  USAHTTPSHigh +KA
32189.219.238.17121360 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
33202.43.147.2261080 flag  Chinasocks4/5High +KA
34151.80.64.1008080 flag  ItalyHTTPSHigh +KA
3551.255.172.12280 flag  UKHTTPHigh +KA
3624.192.242.1010200 flag  USAsocks4/5High +KA
37193.142.213.188080 flag  UkraineHTTPSHigh +KA
38211.140.125.2021080 flag  Chinasocks4/5High +KA
3984.26.93.23480 flag  NetherlandsHTTPHigh +KA
40119.202.173.24080 flag  KoreaHTTPHigh +KA
4192.222.108.1083128 flag  GermanyHTTPHigh
42123.126.32.1028080 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
43189.219.90.8859267 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA
44139.162.182.11380 flag  NetherlandsHTTPHigh +KA
45202.100.167.14580 flag  ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
46117.169.4.13380 flag  ChinaHTTPLow
4788.157.149.2508080 flag  PortugalHTTPSHigh +KA
48103.27.24.23880 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
49124.88.67.3081 flag  ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
50189.218.109.23253298 flag  Mexicosocks4/5High +KA

Let us know if you need any help or suggestion regarding proxy IP.

Webmasters are struggling with the question: Is instant approval directory as helpful as they were in the starting of link building. Make your own decision by reading this blog.

I would begin by saying that it's not wise to submit to each of the free web directories you find. Always pay some attention to instant approval directory you submit to. If your business websites goal is to be indexed top in the popular search results, choosing the right sites you link to, is more essential than the quantity.

Everybody submit their website URL or business link to different directory site but they not receive much exposure. At the time of the submission we need to ensure that where we submit or they are advantageous for us or not. The business people have gladly appreciated the response web directories and acknowledged it as good as well as effective way to generate traffic, where people can present their website URL and also build some real Ad campaigns that can raise a new series of business proposals from different world famous resources.

If you possess a business, then it is essential to list in a local web directory. Online listings are popular among customers and businesses alike. Missing out on these business directory listings means missing on a lot of customers and dooming your online business to dimness. Looking for popular local web directory for business listing is not a difficult task as there are many directories for a certain city area. Following are some compelling reasons to choose listing in local web directory.

Top 40+ Business Directory Site

Listing your business site with many free business listing directories will assist more people recognize your website, whether they are specially looking for it or if they are simply browsing. Apart from gaining exposure, listing on those sites will give major search engine optimization benefits, which will assist popular search engines find your website. Higher search engine rankings and increased exposure will provide more traffic to your site, which will give higher revenue.

Getting your business site listed on reputable and beneficial directories can be a lot challenging task, but it is an essential one if you want to get a big amount of organic traffic for your business. Organic traffic, certainly, is those users that utilize search engines and various traditional surfing approaches to search your site. The advantages of getting listed in a business listing directory can make the distinction between a few hundred and the few hundred thousand viewers each month. While top famous directories like Google or Yahoo have their personal expensive services, a lot of those services are purchasable and consequently be liable to favour the deeper pockets. If you are having a good website but limited money, you could be unlucky. Luckily, the internetaccess directory is here in the playing field.

In the present time of instant gratification, that looks like hard work. And, for a lot of us, it is. However, there are still many directories such as Flightz.net, slightly newer ones and more popular directories that focus on an area or town. If you perform a quick search, you will discover literally thousands of free listing sites still in existence.

Gone are the days when you always had a very big book of yellow pages, and in fact they were known as yellow pages, via the telephone. You all the time looked up names of professionals, businesses and organizations of interest in that huge yellow book. They are known as telephone directories and they are also at present in existence only but today they are so old-fashioned. The internet provides us a similar, but superior alternative that is easier than running through the earlier pages of that big book. Through the online versions, user interfaces are so convenient; they are constantly updated many times in a day, unlike the paperback which was than one time in a year.

One of the effective techniques for the good promotion of your business is making your website appear in different listing directories on the web. Search engines contain these listing sites in their search algorithm, and find your business website in those listings when showing the results.
As Google, Bing, Yahoo or various other trendy search engine scan the most recent make-up of the web, the listings sites help point to businesses that actually exist and are in a good reputation. In other words, the listings on business web directory demonstrates to search engines that your business website is functioning, genuine and is creditable of traffic.

Citations can be understood as promotion of your business name as well as address on other websites—even if there is not any link to your site. An instance of a citation can be an online listing directory where your business website is listed, but not actually linked to. Citations are also located on a local business association page or on local chamber of commerce pages that involves your business information, even though they are not actually linking at all to your business website.

A completely free directory sites are surely not a gimmick. These directories are helping online visitors and buyers with the opportunity to see multiple listings just in some minutes without leaving their office or home. Generally the directory sites offer a free usage for the visitors as well as business owners who can list their business to such sites for maximum promotion. We can see a lot of benefits that a company or business is getting by listing their business in such kind of listing sites.

Doing Allot in Free of Cost

The concept of doing promotion through local sources like a newspaper or yellow pages has become a least utilized option in comparison with accessing information regarding local businesses with the Internet through mobile phones and computers.

The best thing of local listings is that they are free of cost and also easy to set up. Since 97% of people make use of the Internet to look for products and services in their local area first, it is simply logical that companies use local business listings as a prospect to reach potential customers in their region. This can significantly reduce marketing costs as well as can help in SEO promotion efforts in following mentioned ways:

·         Posting on local directories expands site’s visibility on the web. After starting brand new listing or maintaining an existing one, particular business features can be appended, such as coupons, pictures, map tags, and videos under pertinent categories. All such combined details will allow a page to be noticeable in the search results for a firm.

·         It also provides inbound links that help business owners to actually perk up their ranking on popular search engine. Back links play a vital role in how search engines find out a website's authority.

·         When a full profile can be attained from a directory, it improves traffic to a site when visitors search under a certain marketing niche and location through a keyword. Search engines can show map results for the business location with all the pertinent contact information like business number, websites, contact number and services etc.

·         The key thing all business desire is better rankings on popular search engines to exert a pull on local customers before their competitors have an opportunity to lure them away. In many cases, firms can accomplish this goal in a couple of months to benefit increased sales. They can also delicately encourage testimonials and reviews about a service or product to amplify their credibility and attract even more customers with the successive time.

Free Directory Sites are getting more preference in the present market because of its cost effectiveness as well as due to a huge amount of usage of search engine by population to fulfil their everyday requirements.


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