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March 2016

Directory submission is used to increase website indexing by gaining back links from top web directories. Quality backlinks improve your keyword ranking in search engines and help in increasing traffic to your blog and increase your page ranking on the search engine pages. http://internetaccess.com is one of the sites that deal with directory submissions.

Many businesses are concerned if directory submission actually works. In answer to this all I can say is that today everything is literally at your fingertips. Access to tablets, smart phones and laptops have made us all tech savvy and any little thing we want to know, out comes our gadget and we start Googling. Taking this fact into consideration it is safe to say that directory submission does work. As they say about the lottery “You have to be in it to win it”. In the same way, your business has to be listed on a directory website for it to actually come up and be noticed on search engine pages.

Directory Submissions

So how do you go about it? Directory submissions is a process whereby your business website is submitted to a site which looks very similar to the phone book, Yellow Pages. When users are browsing the internet they can find your site if it is listed in the category they are searching for. Let’s say you own a beauty parlour called Tips and Toes, Cuts and Blows. If a user enters maybe something like “Toes Pedicure” , your site will come up on their search engine page if you have actually listed it. It is important to get your site submitted in the correct category so that your website gets maximum attention from potential customers.

Once your site is listed the on a web directory site like http://internetaccess.com , their editors will visit your website to verify the eligibility of your website to be listed on their web directory, as only the best websites get listed. So it is important to have an attractive, comprehensive and user friendly website.

Business owners are paying huge amounts of money to attract traffic to their sites, but it is also important to note that it should be paid towards the right cause. The right cause that I am talking about is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is a topic that I will cover later on but at this point all I will say that it is a tool that is used to attract traffic to your website and to help achieve a higher ranking.

To help you with all your directory submission issues, speak to the agents at http://internetaccess.com.

How do you go about generating money online? Simple. Set up a local business directory site. Don’t know how? Not to worry. Just go to http://www.internetaccess.com, a free listing service. Your business will be set up on their directory and you will see the dosh rolling in.

A business directory site is easy to set up. They are also easy to rank and tend to generate a lot of traffic, brining those lovely notes you so badly want.

Business Directory Site

Business directories are like an online phone book, an equivalent of Yellow Pages. Nowadays with access to smart phones and tablets no one tends to refer to Yellow Pages any more. It’s all about Googling now. And when they Google, it just may be that they land on your website. For potential customers to actually wander to your site, it needs to be listed on a directory site. 

There are two ways of setting up a free business directory site. If you live in a small town then you can set up a directory that lists all the local businesses. 

The other is to set up a categorized site. For instance if you live in Perth for example, then you create directory sites such as Perth hairdressers, Perth doctors, Perth childminders etc.

Choose a category that has a high number of searches every month. And don’t forget to look at the competing business sites. It’s good to have a bit of healthy competition and since all businesses have some sort of website, all of them will not get listed on the first page of Google.

To get your site listed on the first page, you need to ensure that some keyword rich articles and blogs are loaded onto your site. Write articles that provide tips and information about your business category. You will also need to promote your site by article marketing, link building and all the methods that you usually use to promote your site.

Once you get our site ranking at the top, you can contact other businesses to see if they will pay you for being included in your directory. It is a good idea to start with businesses that already rank low on search engine sites.

Once you add their content to your site, they will give you more content that will again increase the ratings for your site. This way other businesses will also approach you for the same.

For a free idea and some research and work you have now set up a free business directory site like http://www.internetaccess.com

As a business you have invested a lot of money into creating an attractive and informative website. But there is no boost in the sales figures. What can be the problem? Your solution – you need to list your business on a web directory. What is this, you may wonder.

In other words, you need to improve your site’s page ranking. Having a fantastic website on its own is no good if it is not visible on search engines results page. How can potential customers become actual customers if they can’t find you and your website? If you really want to fully utilize your company website to its full capacity, you need to improve your site’s position on a search engine’s result page. You can do this in two ways namely, article publishing and web directory submissions.

list your business

In this blog, I will discuss the results that you can expect from making directory submissions.

By publishing your website URL on article directories, you will see the improvement in your page’s ranking. These directories work in the same way as a phone directory or Yellow Pages. When a potential customer is looking for products or services, he or she will most probably consult an online directory to find a company in the local area that provides the services they want. If you list your business on a highly authoritative web directory, you will get all the advantages of being listed on an established and widely known media.

Directory submissions will also generate valuable, high quality back links to your website, thereby increasing its ranking and promoting your online marketing campaign.

In brief, the following expected results include:

  1. Increase in the number of back links to your website
  2. Growth in website attendance from potential customers, which in turn leads to increase in sales and turnover
  3. Due to the higher position in the search results, there will be additional growth in website attendance
  4. Acceleration of website indexing/subscripting by search engine services
  5. Increase in your website’s PageRank upto PR4
There are several companies that provide excellent SEO submission services. They know exactly how to choose the best directory for you and your business and will also show you how to publish your website URL in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Visit them and list your business without delay, and see your ratings and sales soar. Time wasted is money lost.

Online directories are the web’s equivalent to the Yellow Pages. They provide you with an opportunity to market your business. Free business directory listing is one of the easiest ways to get a link back to your website. It is also the most effective way to increase the reach and online presence of your local business. When you think of directories in the online world, think of them as online Yellow Pages. There are hundreds of online websites like Yelp.com, YellowPages.com and Yext.com to name a few.

Best Benefits of Using a Directory Submission

No one will ever underestimate the power of the Internet, and the wonderful things that you can do on it. Did you know you can create a Business website directory? These are online directories that categorize businesses and links based on their nature, something similar to Yellow Pages.

Local Directory Site

Directory submissions are used for three specific reasons:

  1. To get back links
  2. To improve online visibility
  3. To increase traffic to your website. Your business stands a greater chance of being found by search engines via a directory than through your website.

Top 50 Free United Kingdom Business Directories 2017

Directory Submission is one of the best way to generate quality backlinks instantly, As we know that quality backlinks can help us to get fast positive ranking in major search engines like Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com, etc.

Below I have shared some of the UK based local business directory submission sites, I have personally checked submitted my client's business and got positive results for the same.

Also it will help you to improve your website domain authority and page authority, Most of the directory sites provide do follow backlinks which will help you to increase your website visibility instantly.


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